The early childhood and ICTs

The intergration of ICT in early childhood context has brought me to a broader view of teaching and learning. I realised that ICT cultivates more student-centred learning. For instance, the digital camera itself has many functions that can be integrated in learning. Children could learn to use digital camera to capture or record process of an experiment. From the captured process, children could elaborate further with a caption and use as evidence to discuss among their peers. My peer, Choy Yee posted on a photo sharing apps that notify me further on the greatness of ICTs. With such apps, learning could be visible to parents as well, they could also get to track on the activities that children did in class. 

I found another interesting tools that can be used for early childhood context from an oversea coursemate. She found a digital microscope that enable to enlarge things and children are able to view it instantly through the computer screen. View the interesting video. 


ICTs tools and apps are really awesome 😀


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