The power of ICT

We used to know that ICT tools is a source of tools that help us and our children in this 21st century. Through today’s sharing by our lecturer, I learned and aware that ICT makes a great impact in special need children’s life. I came to realised the power to ICT which is inclusive of every individual.

There are 2 videos that I would like to share. The first video is about a boy who has celebral palsy but still interested to create and edit videos, do web design and communicate using the internet with the people around. His ability did not stop him from his interest. He can be found on Twitter.


The second video is news report of an autism child where she understands and interact with people by typing it out using the ICT tool.


After I have watched both of this video, the greatness of ICT really inspire of to use and apply more in children’s learning.

Universal Design Learning

Universal Design Learning (UDL) is a set of curriculum framework that provide equal opportunity for all learners to learn. It is not a one size fits all program rather it is a individualize learning. UDL has no constraint way of presentation. Every individual learner has different potential, skills and intelligence. Thus, this framework allows flexibility and allow learner to choose to present in different modes and choices of presentation. It is mostly depending on the needs of the learner.

View this slide for further explanation.

Using back the example given by our lecturer,

She gave this scenario for us to ponder on. What  are the different modes of presentation if you want children to do spelling. Spell yellow

Besides writing on a piece of paper,

– teacher could use audio recorders to record the spelling of words

– use mobile application (pick and form words)

– Match all the magnetic letters on board

There are many ways besides the traditional mode of presentation. It is important that teacher could know the children strength and allow different modes of presentation whereby it benefit the child and the teacher.

Still facebook-ing?


Facebook? Do you know of anyone who does not have a facebook account? Yes, I do. However, I can say that in my circle of friends, I do only know one of them who does not use Facebook for social networking. Facebook is known as the largest social media around the world. The founder, Mark Zuckerberg started it up since year 2004 and it is constantly updating until today.

Get into this page to have detail background of Facebook.

What I do like about Facebook?

1. It help me to get back in contact with the old friends or the long lost friend

2. Absolutely helpful during this course, where our lecture created a EDC3100 group so that she or rather all of us could share any interesting sources, urgent matter or things related to assignments

3. We get to share interesting videos, links that are meaning and interesting.

4. Get the fastest news, it is even faster than the TV news report.